RSL Audience Survey 2016

We are very grateful to everyone who completed the questionnaire… Your comments and ideas have proved tremendously helpful as we plan for the Society’s future. We hope that this dialogue will continue as developments come on stream: please keep letting us know your experiences of and ideas for our work.

Lisa Appignanesi, Chair of the RSL Council

During 2016, the RSL is reviewing its work and making plans for its future development. As part of the review, the Society commissioned the Audience Agency to carry out a survey of the RSL’s Members, Fellows and e-newsletter subscribers. These groups of people represent the Society’s core supporters, beneficiaries and audience. The survey asked questions both about them and about their views of the RSL’s activities.  The report below summarises the findings.

RSL Survey of Members, Fellows and e-newsletter subscribers.

The 2016 organisational review has been led by the RSL Council’s newly elected Chair, Lisa Appignanesi, and recently appointed Director, Tim Robertson. The Council has considered and discussed the survey findings in detail. A summary of the Council’s initial response is also available below.

Response of the RSL Council.

We hope these documents form part of an ongoing dialogue with current and future audiences and always welcome views on our programme of work.