Anne Chisholm

Anne Chisholm was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1989.

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Angela Carter’s taste for the fantastic


Read RSL Vice President Anne Chisholm’s article on Angela Carter ‘Angela Carter’s taste for the fantastic’ written for the October Issue of Prospect Magazine. Our event Angela Carter: A celebration with Susannah Clapp, Edmund Gordon and Pauline Melvill …

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Articles by Anne Chisholm

Jane Ridley and William Shawcross on writing about royalty

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Pitt and Wilberforce: contrasting friends

William Hague on the relationship between Pitt the Younger and Wilberforce: contrasting friends.

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Anne Chisholm: The human factor

Anne Chisholm spent ten years working on her biography of Frances Partridge. She describes how her work coalesced with her own life

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Christopher Ricks on his book ‘True Friendship’

Christopher Ricks discusses his book, True Friendship, chaired by Anne Chisholm. 

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