Howard Brenton

b. 1942

Howard Brenton was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 2017.

Howard Brenton was born in 1942.  He has written over 50 plays including The Romans In Britain (1980), Bloody Poetry (1983) and Pravda (1985, written with David Hare).  The most recent are PAUL (2005), Never So Good (2008) and a version of Buchner’s Danton’s Death (2010) at the National Theatre; The Ragged Trousered Philiospophers (2010, after Robert Tressell) at the Everyman Theatre Liverpool and Chichester Festival Theatre; In Extremis (2008), Anne Bolyn (2010) and Doctor Scroggy’s War (2014) at Shakespeare’s Globe; 55 DAYS (2012),  The Arrest Of Ai Weiwei (2013), Drawing The Line (2014) and LawrenceAfter Arabia (2016) at Hampstead Theatre.