Jonathan Meades

b. 1947

Jonathan Meades was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 2019.

Jonathan Meades is a writer, journalist, essayist and film-maker. He has written and performed in many television films on predominantly architectural and topographical subjects such as  plotlands, garden cities, brutalism and megastructures, the utopian avoidance of right angles, Belgium, the Baltic, French identity, and the architecture of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. The Whitechapel Gallery and the National Film Theatre  staged a retrospective of his work in June 2017.

His books include three works of fiction – Filthy EnglishPompey and The Fowler Family Business – and several collections of journalism, essays and squibs.  His deflected autobiography An Encyclopaedia of Myself, won Best Memoir in the Spear’s Book Awards and was shortlisted for the Pen Ackerley Prize in 2015. His ‘anti-cookbook’ The Plagiarist In The Kitchen  appeared in April 2017.

He has published a box of 100 postcards Pidgin Snaps.  His ‘treyfs’ and ‘artknacks’ were exhibited last year at the London/Newscastle Space in a show entitled Ape Forgets Medication.

His next film – transmission summer 2019 – is Mass Tourism, on the architecture of Franco’s Spain. His next book is Pedro and Ricky Come Again.

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