Maggie Gee

b. 1948

Maggie Gee was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1994.

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Articles by Maggie Gee

A passage to Mexico

Anita Desai talks to fellow novelist Maggie Gee about the creative process, the many changes her writing has undergone, and her encounters with different cultures.

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Virginia Woolf in the 21st century

Maggie Gee and Alexandra Harris discuss Virginia Woolf and her legacy, chaired by Anne Chisholm.

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Dannie Abse and Alan Jenkins discuss loss

Dannie Abse and Alan Jenkins discuss suffering and loss

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RSL Director Maggie Fergusson on prose-writing Fellows who began as poets

Many of our most respected prose writers began their literary lives as poets. Maggie Fergusson talks to them about the migration of their souls.

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