Fellowship Nomination Form

This form should only be used by RSL Fellows and Honorary Fellows to nominate writers for election to the Fellowship. Please do not share the link with anyone else.

Nominations go to the November Council meeting for voting and elected Fellows are announced at the summer party of the following year. Nominations are strictly confidential, so you should not inform the person you are nominating and we are unable to update you as to whether an election has been successful prior to the public announcement. Those not elected will be considered for a further two elections automatically, after which a new nomination will be required.

A list of current Fellows and Honorary Fellows can be found on the website here. The deadline for nominations is 1 November at 5pm.

Nominator Details

Please tell us your name.
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Please give the name of the person who is seconding your nomination, who must be a current Fellow or Honorary Fellow. There is no need for them to provide anything further but they must have agreed to second your nomination before you submit it.

Nominee Details

Please give the name of the person you are nominating.


Constitutional eligibility criteria and guidance – for Fellows

To be eligible for Fellowship, a writer has to:

(a) have had published in the United Kingdom at least two substantial works (or a sufficient body of other work) in the English language considered by the Council to be of outstanding literary merit; and

(b) be a citizen of the United Kingdom or resident in the United Kingdom.

While literary merit is always the primary reason for election, we also ask that in nominating and electing new Fellows our current Fellows take into consideration:

(a) the difference that the election of the writer will make to the advancement of literature; and

(b) the desirability of ensuring that the Fellowship is broadly representative of the diversity of literary writers and literary forms in the United Kingdom.

Please provide around 200 words on why you feel the writer should be elected as a Fellow. Titles of publications should be in italics - if you cannot see the option the format this, please select the 'visual' tab at the top right of the box.