History is in the Making Competition

To celebrate the launch of the History is in the Making anthology, we are ran a competition for 13-18-year-olds living in the U.K, asking them to tell us about the writer from the past that most inspires them. You can read the winning entries below.

13-15 Years Category

16-18 Years Category

Read the full History is in the Making Anthology digitally, or read the individual articles here.

Content warning: This anthology contains strong language, as well as mentions of domestic violence, and suicide.

Our foremost thanks go to the RSL Fellows who contributed essays to this anthology, and to the Tara Getty Foundation, the Sutton Place Foundation and the Maria Björnson Memorial Fund for their generous support. Thanks to Splitpixel for designing this publication. Within the RSL team, special thanks to Beth Gallimore and Amanda Demwell for their time and attentions in producing the anthology.