A problem shared: securing a future for our planet

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Margaret Atwood in conversation with Sir Brian Hoskins about the future of the planet, chaired by Gabrielle Walker.

Margaret Atwood is Canada’s foremost novelist and poet, winner of both the Booker and Orange prizes. The daughter of a forest entomologist, she is passionate about the natural world and this passion has increasingly informed her fiction. ‘The most important question facing us right now,’ she says, ‘is whether we are going to choke to death, or whether we are going to make changes to the way we produce and conserve energy.’ In a conversation chaired by Gabrielle Walker, a writer specialising in energy and climate science. Atwood discusses her concerns with Sir Brian Hoskins, Fellow of the Royal Society, Director of the Institute of Climate Change at Imperial College, and one of the world’s leading weather and climate scientists.

We are grateful to ALCS for sponsoring this meeting.


Recorded on: November 3, 2010

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