A Room of My Own competition – Highly Commended: Kaiya Johnson

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A Room of My Own

My ability to write starts in my room. A small door leading to infinite ideas, I share my room with my inspirations and experiences. This room I use to escape reality is not physical but a mental, opened cage of the mind. When clouded with thought, I clear the sky of my mind through the rearrangement of words, transforming them to stories. These stories are what I find amusing to write down. Writing is an infinite possibility that requires only an open mind. This is a room of my own.

Everyone can have a room of their own. Whether it is for creativity, problem solving or just for your thoughts. A writer may use their own thoughts and experiences of the world. Their passions and interests, their creativity and inspirations. Their room may be small for comfort or large for space. Cool for solitude or warm for company. This room is where you feel comfort, where you can relax and make stories of your own. This is the room of your own.

I believe the future is unknown, no longer a singular line of possibilities. Future stories could include inventions that are yet to come. Future stories could include new concepts, ideas, role models and cultures. How are we to know what the future brings? Did our past ancestors know or even think about what we might write? Our children’s children may write about the past, or think about the future; but how are we to know? It will be the future room of their own.

Old texts look like foreign words now, but when translated can turn out to be a vast vision of ideas. When observed from a different angle, small details are noticed. Annotating others words helps to inspire the words of another. These different angles form different perspectives, creating different stories. This world has evolved to a diverse living where no person is the same. Everyone has a different life. Everyone has a different room of their own.

Kaiya Johnson
17 years old
Oxford Spires Academy