Poems for Peace competition – 3rd Prize: Alwiyah Qassim

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Poems for Peace Competition - 3rd-Prize: read Alwiyah Qassim's poem.

Looking to future generations

Dear future generations,
I am writing to you at the most advanced time so far
Today peace means “freedom from disturbance; tranquillity”
Dear future generations,
We have laws that preach equality,
We have democracy,
We have organizations to stop war,
Dear future generations,
What if I told you the life expectancy of a trans woman of colour is 31?
What if I told you that just a few decades ago black Americans could not vote?
What if I told you that children in Yemen do not know why they are dying?
You would not believe that these are the most advanced times yet.
If people are fighting just to love in America,
If women cannot even control their own finances in Saudia Arabia,
If diverse beliefs are not accepted in Myanmar,
Then how do we call ourselves advanced?
How do we wake up every day and do nothing?
How dare we even speak of a definition of peace without trying to achieve it?
Dear future generations,
Learn from our mistakes,
As Wilfred Owen once said “All a poet can do today is warn”
Then maybe one day, Dearest future generations we will achieve peace.

Alwiyah Qassim
15 years old
Harris Academy Tottenham, London