Poems for Peace competition – Highly Commended: Angelina Borzini-Castor

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Poems for Peace Competition: read Angelina Borzini-Castor's Highly Commended poem.

I am not Donald Trump,
I don’t believe war is the answer.
I believe that peace is the sound of birds singing their sweet tunes.
Not the sound of bombs being dropped in a nearby city filled with people, children and animals.
I believe that cannons should be filled with confetti and set of on new years.
Not filled with explosives and set off to show power and status.
I believe babies should grow up to have beautiful lives filled with adventure and passion.
They shouldn’t grow up just to die young because of people who have too much power.
Life doesn’t have to end so abruptly.
Life is something would should take care of.
It’s too late to change the past.
It’s not too late to change the future.

Angelina Borzini-Castor
14-16 years old
Alexandra Park School, London