Poems for Peace competition – Highly Commended: Gwenllian Rees

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Poems for Peace Competition: read Gwenllian Rees's Highly Commended poem.


The war against the rainbow has ceased.
Slurs dissolve in the rain
And sunshine welcomes the reign of acceptance.

We eat pronouns like cherries on cake
And they don’t turn our stomachs anymore.
People are no longer magnets
Because North and North attract
And South kisses South, hand in hand,
On a safer street.

My skin is a ballgown and I dance
On the graves of bigotry. The past
Stirs like dust beneath my feet
But I know there is hope
Because I have seen even

Little Generosities Breed Tolerance.

Gwenllian Rees
14-16 years old
Ysgol Calon Cymru, Builth Wells Campus