Poems for Peace competition – Highly Commended: Mohamed Assaf

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Poems for Peace Competition: read Mohamed Assaf's Highly Commended poem.


It was five years ago. I remember
the smell of the meat that my grandad
was cooking. I remember him calling me
to eat his meal with him. He called me
to sit with him because he knew
he was going to die. I can remember
helping him to go down the stairs.
I remember opening the car door for him.
I remember him saying I want
to die in my country, not somewhere else.
It can remember him in the hospital
asking for this last cup of tea and cigarette.
I can remember the smell of the wood of his coffin.
I can remember sitting next to the black hole
of the grave and saying, rest in peace, grandad.

Mohamed Assaf
13 years old
Oxford Spires Academy