Poems for Peace competition – Highly Commended: Olivia Darby

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Poems for Peace Competition: read Olivia Darby's Highly Commended poem.

The Peace Effect

Dark, dark times of hate,
Monsters ripping each other apart.
A tear falls at home.
No one wins this gamble.
No one is a friend.

People at home,
Crying for help.
Propaganda alone,
On the walls.
People standing at home.

Until a hole pierces the black.
The hate cracks open to reveal something,
Something not seen for it was covered in fear and sadness.
Love was there,
Even in the stone cold things.

Monsters fade away,
Men in camouflage take their place.
Poison insults turn into regret
Black hearts turn back to red
People see what they’d become.

Hugs, kisses, reunion.
People crying for joy.
Fathers, sons and brothers,
Together again.
Hugs, kisses again.

After what felt like eons
Peace took over.
People were at home.
Some tears kept falling,
But most were gone.
This is the peace,
For all who were waiting.

Olivia Darby
12 years old
Willowfield School, London