Poems for Peace competition – Highly Commended: Tanushree Nag

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Poems for Peace Competition: read Tanushree Nag's Highly Commended poem.


Sleeping silently, tucked up in my bed
The fighting and shouting drowned out
Suddenly, BANG! A shock awakens me
Not sure what it’s all about
My mother runs in, tears in her eyes
She tells me, “We have to go.”
My mind floods with many questions
As there is so much I do not know

We leave the house with bags on our backs
I start to panic inside
The deafening cries of bombs and guns
Fade as we leave them behind
I ask my mother, “Where’s father gone?”
And I see her grief stricken face
She tells me that he’s gone forever
Without a final embrace

Walking, walking for days on end
My legs start to give way
Trying to find the water’s edge
And a safe haven for us to stay
All I dream is for a house somewhere
Where my mother and I can stay
And the noise of bombs will be replaced by birds
As I walk to school everyday

After weeks we arrive on an alien shore
Bewildered and confused
We’re led on to a land of tents
As I trail along bemused
A lady leads us to a tent
With others like me inside
She tells me that I’ll be safe here
As she clutches my hand by her side
A glimmer of hope now enters my life
And I pray for love, hope and peace
And that the echoes of bombs and guns
Will halt and come to a cease
I hope for unity and strength
Between people of all religion and race
An armistice for a brighter future
To make the world a better place.

Tanushree Nag
14 years old
Nonsuch High School For Girls, London