Poems for Peace competition – Highly Commended: Waseem Sherzad

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Poems for Peace Competition: read Waseem Sherzad's Highly Commended poem.

Last Year, This Year

Last year I slept in the sweetcorn fields.
This year I sleep in my own room.

Last year, when the sun shone I searched for shade.
This year I look for the sun’s rays.

Last year we tried to find food.
This year I can buy food.

Last year at sunset I had to find a place to sleep,
This year I sleep in my bed.

Last year I had many people with me,
but I was alone.
This year I have two or three friends.

Last year when the Serbian children went to school
I thought in my heart how can I go; how can I learn?
This year I am in school and taking exams

Last year I had a dream.
This year I’m completing that dream.

Last year my heart disappeared.
This year it is also not with me.

Maybe when I left my home
my heart stayed in my home.

Waseem Sherzad
17 years old
Oxford Spires Academy