Resistance, friendship and survival

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Caroline Moorehead leads a conversation about suffering and human depravity.

In A Train in Winter, published this month, Caroline Moorehead tells the harrowing but inspiring story of a group of French women sent by cattle truck to Auschwitz in January 1943. Michele Roberts’s new novel, Ignorance, to be published by Bloomsbury next spring, explores the lives of women in north-western France as they struggle to survive the occupation by means both fair and foul. In a conversation chaired by Ellah Allfrey, Deputy Editor of Granta magazine, the two discuss the challenges of dealing, in fact and fiction, with suffering and human depravity; the complexities of heroism; and the long-term effects of fighting for your life. Chaired by Ellah Allfrey.

This event is organised in association with Granta magazine, and is generously sponsored by ALCS.

 Recorded on Monday 26 September 2011.

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