To a Mountain in Tibet: Colin Thubron and Victoria Glendinning

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Colin Thubron in conversation with Victoria Glendinning about his 2011 book 'To A Mountain in Tibet' at Kings Place, chaired by Michael Holroyd.

Colin Thubron is one of our most distinguished travel writers, and one of our most private. In his new book, To a Mountain in Tibet, he allows the personal to break cover in his prose for the first time. Make a ‘secular pilgrimage’ to the holy mountain Kailas, his mind drifts constantly to memories of his childhood, his sister, and his mother’s recent death, and he finds himself overwhelmed with a longing ‘to touch hands that I know have grown cold’. He talks to biographer and novelist Victoria Glendinning about his journey to the world’s most sacred mountain, about loss and grief, and about whether a journey can ever be a cure.

Recorded on Monday 28th March 2011.

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