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By: Beata Olszewska

About The Poem

I wrote this poem in a fast realisation that my life would be different now. I have got really bad knees that restrict my movements for over 2 years i had to stay home, then lockdown happened and things got worst. Now I am on the road to recovery but it was a very hard and depressing time, not being able to do things for such a long time, when usually I was very active. And I was a special needs teacher.
I am writing a lot usually quick thoughts, haiku, poems short stories and illustrating my own publications. I published in Poland so far.

The Poem

Very little comfort out there

Almost none inside my home

I used to like it then but now

all the feelings are gone


I am Numb and Paralyzed

Words sit trapped in my throat

I am looking for the escape

But my options are zero to none

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