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30 Second Introduction

By: Charlotte Rudman

About The Poem

As a retail employee I am constantly having to adapt to the changes around me, traveling into Central London, taking public transport and serving people from across London. Adopting masks, queues and imposing restrictions in-store is just one part of the conversation. The other is in the interaction with the customer. It is in these first moments of contact on which this poem is based.

The Poem

hello, my name is  ——

Come this way


Please take a seat

no, not that one, that one


one second please


I must inform you of the rules

Opposite to me

Social distance always

and if you could wipe your machine





Can you hear me?

thumbs up

The masks are all so weird aren’t they?




Can you agree here –

No, I can’t continue

You must agree


Ok, great




Now, how may I help you today?

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