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All of a Sudden

By: AM Hellberg Moberg

About The Poem

This poem was inspired by a bittersweet conversation I shared with my mother after she developed dementia. I originally wrote it in my native Swedish and then also created versions in English and Spanish. I would be happy to share the versions in Swedish and Spanish as well.

The Poem

All of a sudden
You faded

Maybe it began with
The drastic dimming of the light in your eyes

Your gaze grew quiet
Without a spark

You turned your gaze inward
Wandering back

Towards that internal world of yours
To the safe embrace of your childhood relived

Your face changed
I hardly recognised you

Mutual strangers, together in a room
Lingering words, searching in the darkness

“Am I your aunt?”
“No, you are my mother.”
“Oh, do I have such a lovely daughter?”

All of a sudden
You faded

All of a sudden
Lasted many years

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