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April 2021

By: Tom Jackson

About The Poem

I found inspiration during the pandemic to
keep occupied whilst I couldn’t work.

The Poem

The pandemic has taken hold,
If I may be so bold,
We started the new year,
With hope, but not good cheer,
We’ve entered a second wave,
And were told to all behave,
Stay at home and do what’s best,
To protect the NHS.
A vaccine has been rolled out,
Of that there is no doubt,
It will help stave off the disease,
It will help us all believe,
That this nightmare will soon be over,
And we can live our lives in clover.
Lockdown is coming to an end,
I’ll be able to see a friend,
As we enter a new phase,
And look beyond the haze,
Spring is here, it’s very clear,
We can start afresh,
It’s like a new year

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