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Art is something to get up for

By: Arun Jeetoo

About The Poem

ART IS SOMETHING TO GET UP FOR is for the part-time artists, full-time artists, unpublished and emerging ones. Covid-19 has impacted us greatly, but adding to culture must go on. This poem is for all artists in any discipline to always get up from their beds and make art. It is the only thing keeping our souls alive.

The Poem

On days you slope out of bed, readying yourself for a 12-hour shift flipping burgers
in the back of a van.

On days you are saturated with overdue bills, the final warning of an eviction notice
and loan repayments.

On days the government demands that you, the artist, retrain as an IT worker because art is
a hobby not a career.

On days the clouds are crying, and its grey rain propels you to underground moods.

On days you ache for a human connection beyond a Zoom screen. Hugging is now a luxury.

On days the critical inner voice tenants your head.

On days where art is you, and you are art.

On days criminal world leaders force us to blame one another for their mistakes.

On days you have moved on from art like an ex-lover.

On days where non-artists question what you do for a living. show them.

Art is ALWAYS something to get up for.

It is beautiful.

It is crucial.

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