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Autumn letter

By: John Simmons

About The Poem

I have been writing a lot about the seasons, and have recently completed a year during COVID in which I wrote a poem each month to reflect that month. I visited Highgate Woods a lot, and this latest poem, reflecting autumn was inspired by looking at dead trees in the woods.

The Poem

This I suggest –
look out at the world in decay
then fold your paper thoughts
into a letter kept close to heart
to remind you on another day.

So set down –
the trees are primordial
they have seen dinosaurs walking
and so long seen leaves falling
it seems they are immortal.

The world turns –
trees bared by storms of autumn
will come again with green buds
in spring and the joy of revival
returning with each new blossom.

Unfold the letter –
remind yourself of what has passed
remind yourself of what’s to come
there is a deep seed of comfort
that these things at least will last.

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