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By: Michelle Palmer

About The Poem

About autumn in lock down and the wonder of nature through despairing circumstances.

The Poem

Auburn orange reddish leafs chase and fall through the
thawing. winds the magpie greasily grinds their beaks to the
skeleton life the condition filtered through a paper flying
lens a million veins run through the leafs channeling orbinism
the brain flutters retracts to a far back land the traces of leaf
embrace psycholically imprinting the cold ground they lie
deafened. imposing a throught which haunts the scattered
reef of life the membrane carries a past motion from its last
existence all lifes remains. Explode millions to many for my
continual knowledge I struggle to digest the volume of
colours rushing through lifes scare crow body a narrow
language flitters through the dark incorrect voice I try to void
the. shapes and matter form one memory enveloped into
the vast emptiness society failed to embrace a solemn hymn
a tune mutters on my dehydrated mouth they pull a dark
heat which busily faints my mind the colours. faintly
disappear in orcward hesitation implicating their crime in
nature the sky ripples with faint appearances of gasping
confusion amongst the grey darting phases of light deafening
clouds beat on my memory lonely frames of time pass
through my mind their hidden journey continues And unveils
a fractious choice of new light on the subject.

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