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Black Lives Matter

By: Aisha Suleman

About The Poem

I like to get my voice across and I feel racism needs to stop. It does not matter what our religion, ethnicity or colour, we are all one and we are in this world together.

The Poem

Black lives matter
Stop the shatter
And the violent scatter
The feeling of gutter
With disgust and batter
No praise and flatter
We should know better
This poem is a letter
To avoid the bitter
Brightening hearts with glitter
Black lives are not litter
I am not a quitter
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Similar to a transmitter
I am a peace fitter
And a hate stripper
Let me give the quiver
My voice like a flowing river
Stop making Black lives dimmer
They have hope to shine and shimmer
They are like you and I, no need to differ
Discontinue acting like you are higher or bigger!

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