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Brent 2020: The Cultural Wave

By: Amanda Epe

About The Poem

In 2020, the Mayor of London awarded the London Borough of Brent as the borough of culture, it seems like a very distant memory witnessing the spectacular outdoor opening evening event RISE where the community came together to dance and share the stories of Brent’s rich and diverse heritage. Despite the lockdown, the team of volunteers, community advisors, educators and all involved from grassroots to cultural directors and producers kept the show on the road. But we also saw resilience from this Brent community that was highly affected by the pandemic, and I heard stories and saw many people coming together to help local people.


The Poem

The wave of farewell to countless

Corpses contracted by C

As the wave continued to hit hard

And hardest hit the poor, people of colour

Like rainbows, and bolts of lightning struck on the frontline

At Northwick Park Trust, and we clapped.


Brent we began with RISE

Post rise, came the fall. Corona hit us all!

And people came together strangers became neighbours

And uprisings sprang amidst the pain, prejudice and pandemic

Because our lives matter

We call for a cultural wave for equality

And strive to save humanity

Lamenting in an elegy.

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