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Brick Lane Street Art Cavalry

By: Suke Driver

About The Poem

During the pandemic, I was visiting Brick Lane on a weekly basis to see how the street artists and commentators were responding to it, with the intention of recording it for prosperity with photography. It was the gift that kept on giving, providing me hours of joy and food for thought.
My poem is a celebration of that and them.

The Poem

Pictorial authority
of infinite variety
speak for the majority
with pertinent sonority

Decorative dexterity
upon the walls of liberty
speak for the minority
in wilful terminology

Prodigious typography
and poster art sovereignty
adorn the transient galleries
brought by the street art cavalry

Adroit creative mockery
and pertinent profanity
provide a running commentary
on political impropriety

Innovative insurgency
speaks of the disparity
of blatant inequality
and societal hypocrisy

These valiant emissaries
provide a certain sanctuary
in times of bleak uncertainty
with unrelenting urgency

Legends of graffiti
execute discreetly
resolutely and uniquely
to adorn Brick Lane completely

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