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Carriage Horses

By: Hitomi Grace Utsugi

About The Poem

I was going for a walk with the aim to purchase paper and envelopes for my vintage typewriter, and on the way, I came across an old stone water trough for horses filled with flowers, spotted on Cromwell Gardens, opposite the V&A Museum which began speaking to me poetically, and as I crossed the lights towards Cromwell Road, I became inspired to string words together.

The Poem

Where horses
once pulled their carriages
to stop to have a drink
are now overgrown with flowers.

These horses
may no longer come by here,
but if in the middle of the night
lost horses find their return
to the stone bath which once
provided the flowing essence of life;

Carriage horses
will meet with abundance
what has flourished
in the time they have been missed.

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