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Come on in guys.

By: Scott Sullivan

About The Poem

Like many of us I watched A LOT of television in the pandemic. One of the shows I enjoyed was Survivor, where I have watched 20 seasons. There felt like a lot of parallels with the pandemic and it certainly brought me joy!

The Poem

You needed something to get you through. The first time was novel and sunny and gin soaked.
This one needed to be different or you would be pickled and crazed looking at the moon by 4pm.
You remember from years ago and when you find it, you drink it up.

Borneo, Australia, Africa, Marquesas, Thailand, Amazon

You outplay 11 days in lockdown.
You are the one who is blindsided now.
You Probst 360 tribals and count up votes
like it’s your million dollars.
Idiot, you say.
No! you cry.
Come on Amanda, you cheer.

Pearl, Vanuatu, Palau, Guatemala, Panama

You outwit 20 seasons of lockdown.
You search and scout and seek for idols.
Two tribes always become one, eventually.

Cook, Fiji, China, Micronesia

Are you playing for reward?
Or is this one immunity?
Just get through the next three days.

Gabon, Tocantins

Destiny’s Child couldn’t even sing about this.
Are you a hero or a villain?
A fan or a favourite?
An all-star?


And survive the pandemic.

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