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Corona; A Covid Blessing

By: Richard Downes

About The Poem

I have lost a lot of weight during shielding and was considering this whilst walking. I came up with the first haiku and posted it on the Daily Haiku (facebook) where it met with much humour and appreciation. I built the other haikus as a consequence of this reception. The humour subsided and something else took its place. Though it still tickle me.

Out on a rare spring time walk this morning. Plodding on wearyily. I consider my tortoise speed and whether it is a sign. Health has been a key motif this week. My partners head thinks I may have cancer. I don’t think I do. I feel well. But as she is concerned I have dropped my shield. GP surgery. Blood test, poo test. I have also returned to a lung cancer study i’m supporting. Hospital visit. CT scan. The weather has been too wonderful not to want to walk. Whilst walking I engage with my thoughts. I look at the world refreshed. Liz Atkin’s recent studies of lichen and blossom on #texturehuntergatherer have awoken something in me. My weight loss is probably associated with a no chocolate, cake, crisps lock down full of qi gong and Joe Wicks exercising seniors.

The Poem

A Covid Blessing

A Covid blessing
Due to pandemic weight loss
My trousers fall down

The pounds dropped away
Took the ounces for a ride
To measure kilos in france

Before locking down
A new shape and size
That remembers a younger me

Who was not this gaunt
Old, tired and wrinkled
Whose skin drapes like old curtains

Somehow still breathing
Still engaged with the living
For this blessing. Thank you.

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