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Covid Poem

By: Karen London

About The Poem

I wrote this as a way to help myself feel better and more positive. Looking at the good things no matter how small and knowing I wasn’t alone helped during shielding.

The Poem


Life with its uneasy chaos,
fears amount but it goes on.
Beauty in our sights
if eyes open wide enough to see.
Small pleasures, simple satisfactions.
A day to take hold of natures
simple delights.
It’s not all bad, look far and wide.
For some, a moment of anguish
turnt into promises, of a better time.
A calmer future.
Love shared, from near and afar
twisting its roots into our soul and
planting seeds of gratitude that
may grow.
Its not easy, to have faith, that
there is a plan, a greater good.
Kind hearts become weary,
time takes its toll, but we
sow a new future.
A part to play, you and I,
a sense of unity, to weather a storm
that plows through our equilibrium.
We are strong, we are together.
That is enough….


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