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Creatively Express

By: Nathanael Bailey

About The Poem

This piece was inspired during the lockdown/pandemic , it’s about equal opportunity and true identity, having a speech impediment a lisp it has always held me back from fulfilling my dreams, during the lockdown/pandemic I have learnt to love the fact I am unique and I aim to empower others to discover their true selfs and embrace regardless of stigma and stereotypes

The Poem

When you creatively express, to get the stress of your chest, you get a feeling of liberation
and ease, a sense of identity in a World that’s so easy to appease.
Society puts so much pressure to be part of the norm, creativity !!! there is no wrong or
right. It’s an opinion of an emotion that someone connects with through sound, taste, feel
or sight.
If you dream it, you can create it, don’t put a cap on your creative flow, each and everyone
of us are talented it’s time to let it show, the world is our canvas so let’s practise on our
strokes, different strokes for different folks and this is what so unique, art doesn’t
discriminate between you and me it puts us on a equal platform for the whole world to see.

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