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By: Cameron Houston

About The Poem

The pandemic has thrown into stark relief, the inequalities and inequities of our society. The only forward is in cooperation rather than competition. Cohesion rather than cohabitation, this poem seeks to promote that.

The Poem

Hysteria was spinning
paranoia seemed like winning
So I headed for the river and for peace

The sun was gently warming
Muddy paths had firm bits forming
And the crows had much to say amid the trees

A clearing with a log round, found I
Sat upon the round and found my
Self within the middle of debate

With rapid fervent beaking
One to another speaking
The crows it seemed had something to relate

With the hush of an eavesdropper
Trying her best to listen proper
I strained my ears, their converse so to hear

Then the background swiftly muted
And as if my brain rebooted
The message suddenly was crystal clear

This is your time humanity
Please take this opportunity
To band and build community
To cultivate your empathy
And spread it round us liberally
For we are all one family
We cannot let society
Disintegrate and atrophy
Let’s bond in sacred unity


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