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Downhills park

By: Rojbin Arjen Yigit

About The Poem

Another lockdown on the horizon, harsh winter months and feelings of isolation made January one of the hardest months of 2021. My local park provided a sense of home, a constant, grounding force of Nature. Witnessing the changing of seasons, autumn collapsing into winter, the green of the leaves wilting, the shrieks of the birds soaring beyond me – Nature enduring in spite of it all, served as a reminder that life goes on. We must just keep on walking.

The Poem

dusk breaks gently over frostbitten wilderness
she walks loops around the park
listening to the low moaning of the dying greenery
january sunlight peaks from behind the grey mass
a circular lung-ish splitting of the trees line the walking paths
she can see the spit in between grunts leaving
the mouths of familiar runners
irked by the bacteria filled particles
she imagines them launching at her
her thoughts float ruthlessly in the spaces of her mind
dividing and conquering
this disease has her mind in a chokehold
she is reminded of the two faced deception of january
of a lost christmas
of the enduring hope for better times
she is flushed with anger
begging for the august sun once more
to kiss her better to forget the state of the world
winter sunlight is a betrayal
her knuckles inscribed with inflamed cracks
cheeks pinched red with the fear of tomorrow
rocking herself in between half sleeps each night
thinking of the nameless thousands that have died
these loops in the park allow her to pretend
that each day is disconnected from the one before
because here
there is the familiarity of mud
there is the squelching of wetness beneath her feet
there is soil and so there is


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