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Earth’s Cry

By: Rebecca Ford

About The Poem

I wrote this poem on the night the first lockdown was announced. I am self employed and had lost all my work in the space of two hours the week beforehand. I knew then that the world had changed. I was so angry; humanity still didn’t seem to understand (or didn’t want to understand) what its inhumanity was doing to the planet.

Suddenly forbidden to meet friends, sit on a park bench, stroll along the Thames – even to see and kiss my own Mum – it was as if the only power I had left was poetry.

Now, over a year later, I still have no work and the streets are filled with masks, gloves and sanitised wipes – the new litter of the new normal. And we still aren’t listening to the earth.

The Poem

Will you listen to me now?
Cries Earth.
Do you understand?

From mountain peak to forest floor,
In jungles dark and oceans deep,
I offered all you needed.

But need
Turned to greed.
And you plundered
And despoiled,
Abused your fellow creatures,
Filled your pockets,
Filled your faces.

And I
Can take no more.

This is my extinction rebellion.

It is a moment to midnight.
Will you listen to me now?

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