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Fell Low Ship

By: Sumrah Hussain

The Poem

We FELL together,
Fell silent
Fell still and motionless
Physical walls confine us
Rainbow adorned, safe and sound?

We felt LOW
Nowhere to go
No highlights, bright lights to offer a warm
Eternal journeys abound
Time and plans suspended
Go slow! Wait… no go!

We SHIPs in the night,
Silent and unseen
Hidden and ridden with worry and fright
Viral Masquerade
Not a smile, nor laugh in sight

Who is this FELLOW
Will he willow or fill with sorrow?
Mystery or man-made?
Why should I join this SHIP?
Where does it go?

Fallen, we rise up
Our endeavour, Stronger together
Low points, begin our recovery
Looking for new horizons
We sail through, resilient and determined

Buoyant! A voyage of highs and lows,
Waves of recovery, ebb and flow
Never the normal, better we hope
We don’t ever let go

Fellowship is life!

Brotherhood, sisterhood, all things diverse
Be Curious, trust difference
Young and old, cared and cared for
Loyalty, community in kindness

Follow this fellowship
Navigating unchartered water
Fellowship is sharing,
learning and growing
We can evolve, without knowing

Into the unknown
Without answers, creating new rules
Passports, immunity, trace in hand
Fellowship is Assembly
Living our REWARD to command

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