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Full Lockdown Again

By: Aisha Suleman

The Poem

Here comes the full lockdown yet again
How much more is Covid going to cause pain?
Taking away so many innocent lives
It is worse than the sharp kitchen knives

Many people feeling depressed and isolated
What an awful scenario Covid has created
Not able to do the things that we all enjoy
We must abide by the governments’ deploy

Stay at home and protect each other
Whether it is your mother, sister or brother
Utilise your time at home wisely
And keep in touch carefree and kindly

Don’t let the lockdown beat you
Or make you feel sad and blue
Do the things you enjoy, maybe a new hobby
Probably painting, DIY or moving your body

Despite the tough times we are facing
And the restrictions we are chasing
All this will sooner or later be over
And the view of life will be much sober!

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