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Hope smells like home

By: Alex Powell

About The Poem

About the forest and what you can see when you pay attention

The Poem

Hope smells like home,
Dew soaked honeysuckles,
The light, dainty flowers.
The sound of togetherness is the buzzing of the bees.
The hive mind,
The friendship of the bees.

The sound of inspiration,
Footsteps in the forest,
Verdant green, auburn red, the sight of a babbling brook.
Networks of streams,
Complex as a city’s roads.

The forest,
A fountain of life,
The forest,
A plethora of colours,
The forest,
A green space in an industrial state.

A chorus of birds,
A beautiful choir of natural sounds.
Squirrels rummaging in the foliage of the forest,
Looking to expand the stock.
Grass snakes, bathing and basking in the limelight of the sun.

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