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I am a taxi

By: Milton Silverman

About The Poem

Inspired by a taxi being dumped in our Close at the beginning of coronavirus in March 2020 by, no doubt, a redundant taxi driver. It is still here untouched and uncollected.

The Poem

I am a Taxi, and I am alone,
No one wants me, and this is my home,
I used to be useful, on the streets of the city,
Stopping, and starting, but now it’s pretty s-y,
Oh! Won’t someone hail me, where is my driver?
Walking, or cycling? Or running an Uber?
Damp, dead, spark plugs, no one will save,
Is this my end, this little Close my grave?
Hold me, start me, turn my ignition,
Find me my owner, that’s your real mission,
Move me, drive me, don’t leave me here to rot,
Love me, don’t leave me, this cannot be my lot.

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