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I Wandered Lonely on the London Bridge

By: Kai He

About The Poem

This poem was written when I was walking along the London bridge. I was inspired by the people travelling on the bridge and the river flowing to the infinite end. Time flies and the relationship between people changes fast, so are we forever alone or not? This is the topic I would like to explore in my poem.

The Poem

I wandered lonely on the London bridge;
Nothing sounded but the silent deep.
The disciplined stars sucked the froth
And left the Thames in timeless noir.

The bard crooned a ballad,
Out of tune was the coda.
One pebble mocked him,
Another soon followed.

I picked up the lost harmonica,
And heard the sweet faded into bitters.
A key slipped from reed plates,
It reflected the first ray of dawn.

The bell shook off night dust
But slaves remained in slumber.
Only the fall of coins,
Or the glitter of gilding,
Or the smell of rust,
Would drag their feet to the ground.

The Sun wheeled and waves rolled;
Nothing but the clock ever turned.
I stood lonely on the London bridge,
So did the bridge
In the lonely world.

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