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In Other News

By: Hilaire _

The Poem

Apples ripen and fall.
Bread becomes sacred again.
Crayon rainbows proliferate.
Daylight waxes and wanes.
Empty streets begin to rewild.
Fuses shorten.
Good deeds grab headlines.
Homeless people lose
Invisibility cloaks, briefly.
Joggers clog pavements and parks.
Knees are taken as Black
Normal has never seemed so new
Or so extraordinary.
Panic simmers as
Queues test collective etiquette.
Rivers still flow to the sea.
Smiles relocate to eyes.
Thanatos haunts dreams.
Under North American skies
Votes are cast.
Warmongers are unperturbed.
Xmas is mandatory by government decree.
Yeast flies off the shelves again
Zooming into kitchens, dough.

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