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By: Patricia Irvine

The Poem

Surrey UK – 8th March 2020 – (No. 318)

A frosted morning, burned gold by the morning sun
For us, another day in isolation has begun
Yet violets are generously scattered down the bank
And as glorious gorse begins to flower ~ still my heart gives thanks

A pheasant on his morning round proudly struts ahead
I’m grateful to relish these sights, as spring gently lifts her head
As daffodils nod encouragement, my heart fills again with love
Small birds flit, calling out to all, and a Buzzard soars above

Be thankful in these fearful times that nature keeps on giving
Though no aircraft fly; and few cars journey, I am simply content ~ to be living
The rugby field is desolate, no cries of laughter from boys
No riotous noise or whistle blowing, no shouts of parental joy

It’s time to wake to nature’s call and begin to acknowledge her needs
How selfish we humans have become, festering in our greed
Mother Nature knows our dilemma but at present she cares not
Earth is taking a well-earned rest, whether we like it…
…or not

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