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Judges on a Zoom Call

By: Wafik Doss

About The Poem

A fictional scenario where two patriarchic editors are using zoom to toy with an upcoming writer.

The Poem

Clearly, I see you scattering
Smirks across my screen. Serving
Little hints of inside jokes on the
Offset of a conversation. Trading
Smiles over my court, where I am
The defendant and the State. Looking
Through a static window and bars of
Dwindling connectivity. Interspersed with the sounds
Of obnoxious giggles from the judge
spurned on by the judgement’s executioner.
You look down at me under your noses and
Mask it with the pretext of a better connection.
You cackle at your own wit as if
The world expected your retorts, though need
I remind you at the end of this moment,
This remains my call.

My dignity is not your playground,
My dreams are not your toy.
My future is not for your entertainment, and
My words are mine alone.

So, while you cackle, and giggle, and smirk
Like jesters veiled in glass behind
A virtual sport;
Do not presume my silence for complacency, but
For the respect I’ve earned.

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