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By: Anon

About The Poem

We are grateful to our colleagues at Inside Time for allowing us to reproduce these poems. Inside Time is the national newspaper for prisoners and detainees. Read more here

The Poem

Tick of a clock

Just a minute

Appointment (cometh the hour)

Day to day


Time of the month

Seasonal veg

New Year’s resolutions

Decades of decline

Feeling your age, man

Life, time

First smile, first walk, first swim, first solo bike ride

First day at school, first driving lesson, first love, first love

First lie found out, first flight, first peak, first performance

First kiss, first f*ck, first threat to life, first job

First near-death, first crime, first exhibition, first family row

First betrayal, first illicit touch, first drunken blackout

First sentence, first cellmate, first visit, first letter

First, time.

The right word

Breath, on hand, on pillow

Walking to school

Park café ice cream

Every Sunday roast

Racing to pinch and punch

Snowdrops, sandcastles, conkers, snowballs

Birthday wishes – mismatched expectations

New; born; schools; friends; homes; symptoms

Last; drive; walk; visit; meal; word;

Breath, last time.

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