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Lift the Lockdown

By: Joe Morris

The Poem

The nation awaits

That appointment with

Destiny, now or never

Breathless, expectant,

Nervous anticipation

Poised to be released

From captivity

It’ll never work

Oh yes it must

We forge ahead

With the customary

Routines of old

When the world

Was young then

Long ago nostalgic

Echoes of reminiscence

But then right up to

Date, modern,

The mainstream themes

Colour in cheeks

Healthy, visionary eyes

Gazing ahead at

Far distant horizons

With optimism etched

On once furrowed wrinkles

That were grey, gaunt

Lost in a haggard slump

Where none knew why

But clung onto the shreds

Of falling confetti of hope

Drifting, falling, tumbling down

The slopes that promised so much

Then declined further

Although we never threw in

The towel and surrendered

But on Monday morning we will

Launch again into the much coveted

Framework of familiarity, motions

Forward, progressive skies, a future

Decorated with jasmine scented

Bushes, smiles of our time,

Laughter soaring over branch

And leaf once bowed with age

Then revived since humanity

Came back to life after months

And months of not knowing

When to play the game again

Allowed to reach for bewildered

Stars that could ever have conceived

That it would ever happen

In the way it did.

Virus restrictions, a cumbersome

Weight on our thoughts and

Wearisome minds that could never

Accept this invasion that perhaps

Hung around

For so long and will continue to do

So but only on the surface of our

Masked immediate futures

But perhaps it will go away

Permanently and never come back

To haunt our memories so

Serene we set out once again

Oh, into the pathways of gold,

And shimmering brocade

A celebration of silk with its

Timeless reminders that life

Would always flourish if

Darkness hung over the land

We party through the night

Togetherness, complete.

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