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By: Jeanette P Thompson

The Poem

Lockdown – not so bad, finding
That ‘Time’ is not important
As living in the moment
Brings greater enjoyment.

Families and friends united,
Daily conversations a revival.
Sharing love, we see how
Happy we can be.

Chores, placed on the back burner
Now tackled with enthusiasm and vigor.
Hobbies re-visited painting,
baking, gardening,
Sewing making scrubs for the NHS so rewarding.

Shops are now stocked,
produce in abundance.
Although queuing takes time,
Social distancing is now refined.
As we pray all will be fine.

Cheering for our key workers
Nurses, shop assistants
Doctors, teachers home Carers and
Bus drivers.
Putting others first
Dismissing all dangers.

We mourn for those who have
Passed away.
Heartfelt sorrow felt every day
Families enduring their loss.
Touched by this tragedy
Playing out for all to see.

No idea when it will end
Relying on Governments to do the right
Thing. For Health Agencies to find a vaccine.
That Corona virus will disappear
And we can begin to live without fear.

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