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London Lockdown

By: Elena Moinescu

About The Poem

I was inspired by the strangeness of London at a standstill, when instead of running to work early in the morning, I experienced teaching from home for the first time. I wrote this poem for my class of Year 5 children. The stillness and silence of the city inspired me to try and capture the atmosphere.

The Poem

 The never-stopping city sleeps –




After a million rush hours

and traffic jams

and street parties throbbing with sound,

the silent streets sneak softly around quiet houses

as if in an eerie dream.

Stray, haggard- looking people drift in and out of sight

clutching their shopping bags

masked and weary,

eyeing you suspiciously.

Children look out wordlessly

from behind closed doors

and painted rainbows.

And the great city fills its lungs with spring warmth and clean air-

while its people struggle to breathe.

And beyond the silence, and the loneliness, and the fear-

the hope of resurrection is blossoming,




like love

like healing

like a heartbeat.


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