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By: Neil Pellowe

About The Poem

It’s about the loss of my best friend.

The Poem

I just lost someone important…

It hits your core and it hits your brain!

I’m in denial, it didn’t happen, I just want to run away…

But it’s alright and it’s okay…Ignore the pain, it will go away…

But it doesn’t Go!

It ebbs and flows.

It doesn’t wash away like stains on clothes.

The damaged souls, of damaged people, peer down from above, precariously balanced on a fragile steeple.

The heavy burden of where do I now go…

Relax, get lucid, you’ll know when you know.

What do you see in your own direction?

Word play, parody, misdirection…

I’m in there somewhere do you have my number? Sleepy paradox, I’m wide awake but I crave my slumber.

When you were here…

I was yours, and you were mine

We were both cool runnings,

It was bobsleigh time.

And I don’t even know where I was going with this.

I just want to get it off my chest.

I’ll always love you

Fondly remembered but sorely missed…

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