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Ode to London – Part 2

By: Oriana White

About The Poem

Ode to London Part 1 & 2 are reflective responses inspired by homelessness, trauma and survival.

The Poem

Dark streets
Fading lights
Misty roads
Dare I walk the street alone to reach my destination?
Quick step, fast march
Keys in hand
Skip, hop a jump to safety
Snapped twig,
Sweet wrappers shuffle
Never looking back
Frozen inside
Flight takes its order

Crowded gatherings at chicken shops
Late lounges spill out into the night
Swirling gibberish, lecherous, loud.
Beggars believe hope is on the horizon
Comforted by warm tea, loose change
Danger befalls those that close their eyes
Memories of doorways
Loneliness urges compassion
Once invisible, unheard, unseen.
Bright empty offices
Shadows of concrete towers
Glass reflects despair

We keep on
Familiarity in the discomfort
Afraid to leave
In limbo we crawl
Nesting when we can,
Making the best of the deals we’re dealt
Striving for security
Unattainable for so many
Holding tight, too strained to let go
The white-knuckle ride of life.

Familiar faces pass us by
Welcomed company.
In times of trouble
Communities pull together
Passing peace on to one another
Green spaces, corner groves
Open, free, a place to be.
Lingering Trees
Waning, Waxing, New Moon above
Spells of love
The beacon of hope at its brightest

Glorious sun appears at Dawn
We rise with joy in our hearts
New beginnings
Opportunities to start over
Routine calls,
Steamed milk,
Assortment of teas
Coffee aroma fills the air
Baked croissants, bread, cakes and granola
Cyclists, yoga pants, mats
Gentrification succeeds vintage
Smokey bars, greasy spoons
Things of past we adored

Oh London how we love you
You’re charming, cobbled streets
Historical culture
We accept your creaks, your nooks
Perfect imperfections.
An addiction, withdrawal affects when we leave.
Diverse city, blended fabric
Rich recipe for togetherness, life and success.
Abundance of possibilities
Hope held in our hearts.
Strive for happiness
Our rights, our freedoms
Crowds speak loud
Affordable, real
We the people of London
Stand tall and proud.

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